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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Day to Write about Water

This blog entry is not about Medievalism. But since Bloggers are supposed to unite about a subject today, and that subject is water, the Roaming Medievalist is joining in. This lovely picture of ice and water is from Svalbard, taken by Carol Gee, who is a very talented photographer. Thank you for sending this picture, Carol! Because it's good to recognize connections, the Roaming Medievalist reminds readers that there is a mention of Svalbard in the Jonsbok, an Icelandic chronicle, which comments in 1194, "Svalbardi funden," Svalbard is found. Obviously, they got there by water. Also, the Icelanders were very much people of the water, known for shipbuilding and fishing. (And some less pastoral things.)
But more simply, water. We all need it. It is not a renewable resource, despite the cycles of rain and evaporation we all learned about in science class. Therefore, we have to preserve it. Take shorter showers (or as Mike Bloomberg says, "Shower with a friend"!); don't let the water run while you brush your teeth or wash your face; use your dishwasher and washing machine only when they're full; keep water in the fridge in a pitcher so you don't have to wait for the water to run cold to have an icy, refreshing drink; fill up a pot with soapy water and wash your dishes in it; use leftover cooking water to water your plants; don't flush every time you pee (thank you, Roving Medievalist, for that semi-scatalogical addition); and keep water at it's source to help the people who live by it by drinking your tap water instead of bottled water. (And then you're conserving plastic, too. Double eco-points!) If your tap water is disgusting, filter it. And if it still tastes funny, throw a couple of mint leaves; lemon balm leaves; a little brewed black, green, or herbal tea; some cucumber slices; an orange slice; or a combination into your portable water bottle (of BPA free plastic or metal), and your water will be exponentially more delightful. And you'll feel like you sprung for a fancy spa day for only pennies.
Or, if you're feeling medievalist, return to an old tradition and have ale for breakfast.
But be nice to your water, or we're all going to be drinking filtered pee in fewer years than we'd like to think about. Really.
Happy Blogger Water day.

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  1. Sounds like good advice to me! Anything's better than the filtered pee option, though. Unless there's a non-filtered pee option......